Lydia Mulliken

Photo Cred Chelsea Ruscio

If you're pondering touring Boston's historic Freedom Trail, let Lydia Mulliken be your guide! She almost never gets lost...


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Lydia's energy, charm, humor, and unique perspective on Paul Revere, have made her one of the most popular guides on the Trail.

Call the Freedom Trail Foundation (official tour company of The Freedom Trail) to book Lydia for a private tour or to ask about her public tour schedule!

(617) 357-8300

Public tour schedule inquiries can also be sent to Lydia's modern-day persona/receptionist Emma Undine at

*Please note: Lydia gets her public tour schedule about 2 weeks out! 


Mulliken brought the Boston experience in the Revolutionary War to life. As Lydia, she provided all the pertinent historical information and personal point of view with a huge amount of charm and humor.

Lauren H, Dallas


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