I have always told stories.


As the middle child in a family of six siblings, it was my familial duty to entertain the horde. The younger three siblings were regaled with improvised sagas complete with an expansive range of character voices. Family pets were designated voices appropriate to their personalities and they have not stopped talking since, even after shuffling off this mortal coil!

My time as a nanny in NYC continued this tradition. I took great pride in the fact that time with me in charge always featured in depth games of imagination, improvised bath time songs, and customized off-the-cuff fairy tales, as well as dinner-time renditions of my favorite Norse myths.

My audience has grown from siblings and kiddos and now includes, reaching back through the years, theatre-goers in Boston, Maryland, Delaware, and Mexico, as well as tourists from all over the world, who I guide and entertain on Boston's Freedom Trail.


As part of an uber musical family led by my musician mother, I have always been a singer. Singing has become one of my favorite ways to tell stories, whether it be casually around a campfire, performing original folk/jazz music with my older sister, as part of a theatrical piece, or for formal events or concerts.


I also get enormous joy and satisfaction from teaching Early Childhood Music classes at Preschools and Daycares, as well as in my own weekly public Zoom class. Making music with kiddos is one of my absolutely favorite things about my week.

My love of creating character voices (particularly monstrous ones) has led to my current interest in voiceover work. Basically, anyway I can creatively use my voice--I'm game!


Enjoy exploring the site and thanks for visiting!


Boston, MA, USA